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Looking for an interesting job? You probably have a checklist of all your expectations from a good position. And they should include a good salary scale and benefits package, lots of prospects of moving up and perhaps, even improving on your academic qualifications. You’re probably also looking for a job where you can hone your skills and develop an impressive  resume should you wish to scout for better prospects later on.
KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken careers can offer you all that and more. Established about 70 years ago in Louisville, Kentucky, the company is now the most frequented chain of restaurants in the USA that serves chicken. Today, you can find over 15,000 KFC outlets in more than a hundred countries and besides great food, it boasts of a dynamic and innovative thinking workforce that you would love to be a part of.
But, what are the qualifications you need to join this chain and how should you go about putting in a job application at KFC? What are the procedures to follow and what are the pointers to keep in mind to assure you of landing a job at KBC? Most of all, what are the wages and benefits you can expect? This article answers all those questions and helps you take the first steps towards building a KFC career.